Monday, July 13, 2020

July 12th

We got to the airport fairly early and met Randy, then flew to Willows Glen for brunch.  It took a while, and interestingly Flightaware don't seem to have good ADS-B coverage up there.

Vic thinks this is just over her comfortable range as a passenger, so I'll look at a higher / wider screen at some point.  The waitress thought the planes looked funny, and asked if we pedalled them up there :o)

On the way back, we went the other side of the Sutter Buttes, and I was able to spot the other missile silos that were part of Beale Air Force Base.  Again, Flightaware missed a chunk of the journey.

It was pretty damned hot, so we put the planes away and went home, where I put the new newsletter up on the EAA website.

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