Monday, July 27, 2020

July 26th

I got up early and went to the airport to heckle Ken and Chris working on Chris' radio.  They found the antenna on the bottom wasn't bolted in great, so I got to lie on the floor under the plane while they futzed around with that.

Randy and I changed one of his coolant hoses - I suggested he park it on the grass so we didn't have to clean up the coolant on the hangar floor :o)  He only dumped a little coolant all over me, but we got that all finished and buttoned up.  While people were tidying up, I got the inner tube changed on my bicycle.  We then had to decide what to do for lunch, as Randy wasn't available all day.  We went down to Mary's, but she'd had to close because 3 of her staff hadn't shown up.  Rob was flying in from near Cameron Park (he has his own runway), so, we figured we'd all go to Auburn.  Randy went with Chris in his RV-6A, as it's faster than the gyros, and I took the gyro.  Tony joined us at the last minute in his Legend Cub - he took off in front of me at Lincoln from half way down the runway, but I can usually outclimb him :o)

While we were standing waiting to order, Tony pointed out somebody standing by the gyro.  It was a woman and a little kid, so I figured they were just looking at it, but Tony badgered me to go and talk to them, so I asked him to order me lunch, and headed over there.  Henry is 2, and was very excited to sit in the gyro.  I pointed out the other planes, and asked if he wanted to sit in any of those as well, and he wanted to sit in the one with the shark's mouth on it.  I went to get Rob, but he said I could show them the plane, and Tony asked if they wanted to see the Cub.  I said currently they wanted to look at Rob's plane, so went back and we had him sit in that.  He was OK with sitting in the Cub, so I called Tony, but he said I should show it, as lunch was supposed to be arriving soon.  Fine, I showed off Tony's Cub.

After lunch, Rob flew Randy back to Lincoln, and I figured I'd fly over Randy's house then back to the airport along the freeway so he'd see me.

Rob was leaving Lincoln as I got there, so I wished him a good day and parked the plane.

I went home and pottered around doing stuff, and Randy texted that he wanted to fly in the evening, as he'd been flown, but not flown himself.  Fine - I picked him up on the way, and we flew over to Chris' because we know how to get there, then went and found Rob's, as I've only ever seen it flying out of Cameron Park, and Randy's never noticed it.  The little jiggle to the South is when we had a Fire Department helicopter flying on an intersecting path, so we did that to just go behind him.

We got back and put the planes away as it was just starting to get dark :o)

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