Thursday, July 30, 2020

July 30th

I started the day cutting the grass.  I think I should start doing this more often, as it seems to be growing faster these days :o(

I've had a few mechanical problems to look at recently - the driver's side electric window in the van has been causing a weird buzzing noise in the speaker at a certain point, and that's causing the speaker to then cut out.  I took the door apart, and all the connections looked OK, but on winding the window up and down, I found that the geared cable had pushed out of its guide, meaning it could flail around inside the door and (probably) short the speaker to ground.  I got the guide all back in place and put in a couple of zip ties to hold it there, and I'm calling that fixed.

Next up was the fuel tap on the DRZ, which started running like crap the last time I had it out.  I've decided that it's a fuelling problem, so I drained the tank and took the tap out.  It's behaving really strangely, for example pulsing rather than just letting fuel flow, so I've decided to just replace the damn thing.  Rather than get another Suzuki vacuum switched copy, I've just ordered a Yamaha part that Thumpertalk recommends - it cuts out the vacuum circuit and just has on, off and reserve.  I'll cap the vacuum line and things'll be that little bit simpler, and hopefully an OEM part will last longer.

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