Sunday, November 8, 2020

November 7th

I started the day early, going through tickets at work, as I'm on call this weekend.  Then I went to the airport, pulled the plane out and meandered over to Cameron Park and picked Chris up, then flew back to Lincoln.  I wasn't on the ground long enough for the flight tracker to see it as 2 flights :o)

He finished up some paperwork, then we flew up to Auburn for lunch.

When we got there, a nick in his prop had opened up into a full-blown crack, so he found a hangar to store it in and started looking in to buying a new prop.  After lunch, I remembered that Ken has a prop that might have some damaged blades from his M-24 - one of the windows burst and went through the prop on its way back from Texas.  So, Chris is talking to him about using the whole prop, or maybe one blade or something in the middle.  I flew Chris back to Cameron Park, then flew back to Lincoln to put the plane away.  Again, it's showing as one flight :o)

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