Sunday, November 1, 2020

October 31st

I went and met the guys at the airport.  When Randy S got there, we checked my carb balance (as the carbs were rebuilt on Tuesday) and then Randy O took him out for a test flight from his carb balance.

Chris showed up, and we changed his fuel filter, then Randy S started work on his annual inspection.  Randy O and I got bored, so we went for a flight in the gyros before he had to go home for the kids' Hallowe'en.

After Randy O went home, Chris, Randy S and I went and had lunch, then headed back to finish up Chris' annual.  We checked the weight of the floats (has to be under 7 grammes per carb) and they were fine, but we were having a lot of trouble putting the float bowls back on - there were always fuel leaks on the right hand one.  It was getting so Chris couldn't fly home as it's be dark when he got back to Cameron Park, so we were figuring I'd take him back to Cameron Park.  Then his wife suggested he stay, so he could fly the gyro home in the morning, so I said he could crash with us - worst case he sleeps on the sofa bed with Tilly :o)

We eventually gave up, as the gasket looks to be stretched, and even leaving it in the fridge for a bit didn't solve that - if it didn't leak when the fuel pump was running, it'd leak when the engine was running.  Chris is going to order a new gasket, and I took him back - via the house so I could drop the van off and take the car.

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