Sunday, November 8, 2020

November 8th

I met Randy, Chris and Tim at Lincoln, and Chris had Ken's old prop.  Randy and I flew up to Auburn (through some smattering of rain), and Chris and Tim drove up with the prop.

We got the prop installed on Chris' gyro, then went to lunch, wit Chris being concerned about his "new" prop needing balancing.  Well, Randy went home, as he was taking the kids to lunch.  While Tim and I were waiting for a table, Chris was talking to Ben, who owns the hangar his gyro was stored in overnight, and it turns out he has a fiend who can balance props.  Chris wandered off to get his prop balanced, and Tim and I had lunch, then met Chris with his lunch in a takeaway box.

While they pottered away getting the prop all set up, I headed home, as I still needed to clear stuff out for work.  Again, rain on the way out of Auburn, and a lot of gusty wind getting back in to Lincoln.

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