Sunday, September 5, 2021

September 4th

I started the day clearing out the queue at work, as I was on call.  Then I headed out to the airport, for the EAA pancake breakfast.  I'd been thinking about going somewhere else, but Placerville is closed for the fire fighting planes to be based there, and I was told that Sutter had cancelled their lunch, so I just sat around and chatted.

Kristina and I were talking, and I told her she was still on my list to fly in the gyro - she'd asked to go up ages ago, when I was rebuilding the rotor, but we've not been able to sync up.  As the smoke's been crappy, she didn't have any students, so we decided to take the gyro up for a potter around.  I took off and got out of the pattern, then handed it over to her to fly, so I was unlikely to do anything to cause me a problem if I need her to do a biennial flight review some time :o)

When we got back to the Lincoln area, she gave the plane back to me and I flew overhead and landed.

She headed off, and I bothered Bill in the hangar for a while, as he's installing new LED lights in the RV-6 before heading home to catch up on work.

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