Monday, July 18, 2022

July 17th

It was going to be a hot day, so we went and met the family Shane and Randy for breakfast at a place Shane and Liza have been going to once a week for years.

Afterwards, we just pottered around the house doing nothing, but I went and met Randy and Shane at Lincoln so we could go for an evening flight - there's still a guy with a Magni based at Auburn we haven't met yet, so we thought he might be flying and we could see him.

We wandered around the dead airport, just chatting, when a couple of guys with a Cessna (I think) 206 at the fuel island called out to us.  They were almost out of fuel, and the credit card reader was down so they couldn't get any more to get back to Reno.  I pointed out Lincoln should have gas, and was only 13 miles away.  We came up with a plan - I'd fly back to Lincoln, and call them and say whether they could get gas there.  If not, we'd call PJ and see if Cameron Park had gas - that's about 14 miles away.  In the meantime, Shane and Randy found a guy with gas in his plane who'd drain some out so they could comfortable get to Lincoln legally (they had about 10 gallons, but in a plane that burns 18 gallons an hour, they'd be landing with less than 30 minutes.)

So, I flew back to Lincoln, taxied over to the pump and watched another plane from Auburn start pumping gas, then called back up to Auburn to say "all good, come on down."

Randy and Shane had left shortly after I did, so we put the planes away and did our paperwork while waiting for the 206 to arrive, then drove over to the fuel island with water and juice boxes and chatted to the guys as they filled up.

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