Sunday, July 31, 2022

July 30th

I went to the airport to meet Shane, only to watch a big pall of smoke in that direction most of the way there.  There was a grass fire on the other side of the runway, so we watched Cal Fire's trucks show up and beat that down while dumbasses carried on flying circuits, through the smoke at the 15 end of the runway.  Sheesh.  Eventually somebody announced the airport closed, and we collected Shane's windscreens and headed to Home Depot to buy an 8'x4' sheet of Lexan (tm).

When we got home, we left the van in the driveway and went and got lunch, then came back and argued about the best way to deal with cutting new windscreens out.  Eventually we cut the sheet in half (because you can get both screens out of a 4'x4' sheet) and decided to get the nerds at Shane's work to do it with one of their fancy cutting machines.  Only it was a nightmare getting even a 4'x4' sheet into Shane's car, so we loaded the now 2 sheets into the van and dropped them off at Shane's ready to be worked on.

We took a walk around the campus as I've never been there, then I dropped him home and went home myself.

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