Sunday, July 10, 2022

July 9th

We got up ridiculously early and met Shane and Liza at the airport, where we flew to Colusa for their Old Tyme fly-in.

After an uneventful flight there, we had a pretty eventful arrival (as usual.)  Kurt was on a long base leg, so I said we'd extend and come in behind him, then an orange Cub that didn't seem to be on the radio cut in on my on finals - I was number 2, and there were at least 2 people behind me.  I slowed down and let him land, but Shane had to go around as I was still on the runway when he got there :o(

The flight back went off uneventfully, and we ended up getting lunch before heading home.

At home, I tinkered around with a couple of videos...

Landing at Colusa

Steve's fly past

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