Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14th

I started the day on the roof, washing the solar panels - they looked a lot grubbier from the ground than they did from the roof, but meh, I was up there by then.

We watched the new version of Arthur, which is a lot worse than the original - Russell Brand is a lot less likeable than Dudley Moore, and he seems more arrogant about being rich.

So, it's the rental version, which means before the movie starts, you have to watch (ie you can't skip through):
  • A piracy warning
  • A Blu-Ray advert
  • A WB Rewards advert
  • 3 movie trailers
  • A Film Foundation advert
  • 3 upcoming DVD trailers
And then they wonder why people download movies.

In the late afternoon we went to the airfield and threw in a couple of long circuits.  We spent a bunch of time orbiting to keep out of the way of the parachutists and the jump plane - there was a fair amount of crosswind, and I had visions of them being blown further over than usual.  As it was none of the jumpers landed near their target mark :o)

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