Monday, August 22, 2011

August 21st

We went to breakfast, collected supplies and loaded up the Jeep before heading to Ed Levin to go hang gliding.  Vic's mother and her boyfriend Roger followed us, and got to watch a bunch of paragliders before we headed up the hill.  Roger came up with us, as it's an exciting drive - this is the first time the Jeep's been properly off road, and I left in in 4-Hi where it should probably have been in 4-Lo.  The transmission oil temperature warning went off as we were nearing the summit, so I ignored it - after all, what was I going to do, just stop there?  We got to the top without any problems, and launched Vic and a couple of other gliders, then Roger and I headed back down.  The gliders had got down way before we did.  After the one flight, the wind was starting to pick up, so everybody packed up and headed home.  We got home and Gwen and Walter were at the house with Tilly, so we chatted to them as we unloaded everything.  When they headed off to the "music in the park" thing, we had a quiet evening before crashing early.

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