Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 10th

While in San Francisco, I picked up a docking station for the work laptop, and this'll allow me to run 2 external monitors (plus just yank the thing out when I'm headed to the office, rather than spend 20 minutes unplugging everything).  So, I wanted a second monitor.  Sadly everything's 1080 lines these days, but I picked up an HP2511x on sale at Frys.  I plugged that in as a second monitor, and it all appears to work OK, but there's a weird scan line on my desktop on the 2nd monitor (I swapped the monitors over in the control panel, and it moved to the 2nd monitor).  I'll have to look into that at some point, but I don't use the desktop that much in the summer - I'm not playing Warcraft until the weather turns :o)

Walter and Gwen came over to play with Tillamook, and then we headed over to the airport - Gwen has a pop up trailer that she wants to make a rack for, so we picked up the remains of an old hang glider and headed home - Walter and I have a good idea how it'll all go together, we just need to sit down and cut stuff and drill other stuff.

It looks like there's a storm on the way in, so the wind is all manner of pissed off - I decided against flying this evening, so we just sat in and watched TV.

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