Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22nd

The Apocalypse was a bit of a disappointment.  Again.  I'm starting to think that Harold Camping hasn't got a clue WTF he's babbling about.

We went out and cleaned the hot tub, and filled it with water.

As I was sore, I spent a goodly chunk of the rest of the day pulling bits off the hedge down the side of the house.  I'm trying to make it less cluttered so it grows in better, to replace the volume we lost when Bill cut it back to the fence on his side.

After that, I ran some errands in the van, and looked at a few toys in Best Buy.  We'll see what happens when the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales are on.  I got the water tested, and dumped a pile of chemicals in (calcium, cleaners and so on) while it was heating up.

In the evening, we walked Tilly down to Coldstone to get some ice cream.  I had something without any chocolate in it, so she could lick to tub clean when I was almost finished.

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