Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 29th

I got it into my head to do some work on the van today, so I pulled the bumpers, lights and mudflaps, them spent a stupid amount of time masking it up so I could paint the wheel arches, under the bumpers and suchlike with pickup bed liner.  The paint's bloody hard to work with, and by the time I'd finished the first coat, it was drying pretty quickly.  I'll leave it a couple of days before going around again with a second coat.

I've been toying with getting an iPod Touch, and we went to see somebody who's selling one.  The thing is, first he gave me the wrong street, then he'd decided to put the price up $10 while we were driving over there, so screw that guy.

In the evening we watched Thor, put the rack on the Jeep then had an earlyish night.

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