Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 30th

We got up terrifyingly early, threw the glider on the Jeep and waited for Gwen to arrive before heading down to Ed Levin.  Vic got 3 jumps from the 600' launch, and one of those counted as a spot landing towards her Hang 3 qualification.

I discovered that my 14x zoom camera also zooms up to something crazy like 50x digitally, but it's almost impossible to hold it steady at that level, and the picture looks crappy.

Tilly got to run around the dog park for ages before we headed back - she was busy stealing a tennis ball from a 2 year old German Shepherd called Rocko.  He wasn't too bothered, as he got to chase her - she's a lot quicker than a Shepherd :o)

When we got home, Gwen headed off home (lightweight) and we went to dinner with Vince, who's having the usual run-around with the insurance company about his bike.

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