Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22nd

After a little time in Warcraft (the guild I'm in seems to have died out, so I'm emptying the bank bit by bit and selling the stuff before I /gquit), I glued together some parts of the Vanagon kit in the garage.

It was still raining, so we went to find Vic a new chair for her office - the nasty one that came with her art desk has been broken for ages.  We found nothing in Walmart (I needed socks, as I've run out a couple of times recently), or in Fry's, but there was a decent one in Office Max, and it was even on sale.  Bonus.  We also braved the post-apocalyptic horror that is Ross and picked up a rug for the laundry room.  The one in there collects hay and pet hair, and it pisses me off.  When we got home I put the new chair together, took the old chair apart (and managed to avoid the temptation to make it into something like a little rolling stool in the garage) and put the new rug down.  We know how to live here, don't we?

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