Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25th

It was a windy old day, so I shelved any plans to go flying once I heard "gusting 25mph" on the AWOS.  It's interesting, as Mike seems to think the way forward in home electricity generation is wind power, and it would need to be this windy pretty much all the bloody time to make that work, even if the neighbours would tolerate the noise.  Aaanyway, I played some Warcraft, then went out and picked up some stuff I need for the house - a new light bulb, and some wire to do the fan.  I got 15' for each run (down to the switch and back up again) and I'm hoping that'll be enough.  Maybe I'll get that finished tomorrow.  When I went out to get the mail, Fred was looking over his new fifth wheel... it's longer and swooshier.  I got the tour, and it is nice - it's 35' long and something like 15,000lbs though, so I don't see me being able to tow it with the van.  I helped get it reversed into it's spot - it's right up against the fence on once side, and it's maybe 3" from the house on the other side with the slide outs out.  We figured it's best that way, as the fence posts are rotted through, so this'll stop it bouncing off the trailer in the wind.

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