Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 26th

Vic was doing some guinea pig training in the morning, so after my daily Warcraft tasks, I got up in the attic and dropped wires for the fan.  Of course, there's a 2x4 over the top of the wall I want the switch on, so I had to drill a hole through that.  And then I couldn't get the wire nuts to hold (probably too big, so I'll get some smaller ones).  And then the cable holder staple things I have are too small to hold the 4 wire cable down, so I'll have to get some bigger ones.  And then I looked at the wall I was going to mount the switches on, and it'll look off-kilter with 2 switches due to the stud coming down the centre of the wall, so rather than an On-Off switch and a High-Low switch, I'm going to try and get a High-Low-Off switch.  In the meantime, I might just wire it up as on or off, and choose whether to have it high or low based on how loud it is :o)

When Vic got home, we went to see Don's band play at the Capitol Bowl.  The band was pretty good - at least not as bad as Don seems to think they are, and the Bowl is a nice place, even if it's in the ghetto.  To the point where some guys were stealing stuff out of a convertible in the parking lot - we'd brought the van as it locks.

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