Monday, August 27, 2012

August 26th

I finished the Vanagon kit, and started looking at the next one I'm going to do - it's a Wallace and Gromit kit I got years ago, couldn't paint and gave up on.  Basically I've sanded it down (so I shouldn't need as much paint) and sprayed the main part of it red - would you believe that the cheapo paint it came with was a) still liquid and b) thinned for spraying really well?  Who'd have thought it?

We watched the MotoGP race from Brno, and the last few laps were great.  I wasn't even too upset that the poison dwarf won, as long as he doesn't win the championship.

Vic's rearranging the art room (again), so I took the opportunity to bend the supports for one of the shelves - it droops.  Sadly it looks like it's been too low because it was welded up badly, so I needed to put a fair amount of force into it.  Still, it looks straighter now.

In the evening we went over to the airfield and I added the earth line from the regulator to the engine grounding point.  It was too gusty to fly (yeah, like yesterday was perfect), so we did a static test, and if all's to be believed, everything's fixed now.  I took the opportunity to pull off the ELT, as it needs new batteries and I want to do them before the inspection in October.

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