Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 13th

Vic was tearing stuff out in the garden, so I went out and pulled some "stupid" branches out of the shrub thing down the side of the house - where 15' of branch twists through the other branches, only to have 6 leaves on the end.  I'll probably do this from time to time, as there are a bunch of them.

I went out and dropped off all the automotive recycling - used oil, filters, dead batteries - while on a quest for 2 stroke oil for the Flightstar.  Everybody does oil in little containers, which just seem silly as I use ~8oz an hour of flight.  I ended up getting the desired Penzoil in K-Mart in the bigger bottles.  It's weird, Walmart is like Thunderdome, and K-Mart is like a ghost town.

In the afternoon, I went flying, and disturbed some sort of parachute clinic going on in the hangar.  I managed to get the plane out, and did 4 circuits on runway 15 when a Katana arrived and wanted to land on 33.  I did a full stop to let him, then listened to the AWOS to find that the wind had switched to 340, and was blowing 6 mph.  Sean (in the jump plane) and I agreed to use 33 - he prefers that as it's closer to the pickup.  I did 2 circuits on 33 before putting the plane away and driving home.  They're talking about the wind getting up again, so it'll be interesting to see if I get to fly again soon.

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