Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 6th

What a bloody day.  I started out doing some daily quests in Warcraft, only for Vic to tell me that the tumble dryer thinks the door's open, even when it's shut.  I pulled the switch out, and it looks to be working fine (at least, the resistance changes when I close the switch), but it doesn't appear to be getting any power.  Joy, a warranty call.  It was working yesterday after we moved the thing around, so it's not just something loose that I can imagine.

I refitted the cruise control to the van, and it still doesn't work, exactly the same as it didn't work before.  So, I spent ages talking to Rostra a few weeks ago, and they agreed that there was a problem with the controller, and the new one is exactly the same?  This isn't funny any more.  I'm thinking I'll give up on cruise control in the van, this is just too much of a pain.

I pulled the outdoor thermometer off the house, and put it on the table on the patio.  A reset of the weather station and it started pulling data just fine.  I've made up a mount for the transmitter to sit on the patio cover, and remounted the sensor above the back door, and it worked just fine all day.  Of course, the Pi crashed - I think it might have been Tilly knocking the power supply, as she often unplugs stuff as she crashes around under my desk, bless her.

Christina was in town seeing some old buildings and visiting Vic, so we went to dinner at the salad place.

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