Thursday, November 30, 2017

November 29th

I started out the day playing with the new smoke alarms... I have 3 set up and working, 1 not working and 2 still in their boxes.  The non-working one still didn't work, so I tried the others, and they didn't work either.  Joy!  I called Nest, and the guy wasn't really much help, so I suggested I restart everything and call them back if that didn't work.  I tried setting static IPs for the Nests (I can get the MAC address from the router, so they are joining my 2.4GHz network), but that didn't help, so I called them back.  This time I got cut off when they were passing me through to a specialist, so I called back again and got Heather.  After a few tries of doing this and that, she suggested renaming my 5GHz network, as I was pretty sure my phone was on that, and the Nest Protects only talk on 2.4GHz.  Good to know - I've seen the thermostat switch to 5GHz.  That got the 2 alarms I'd unboxed today to work, but the last one still didn't work.  They'll just send me a replacement.  Off the phone, I got the alarms installed on the roof - in the hallway, art and critter rooms that's just a set of steps, but in the kitchen I did my usual climb on top of the fridge, crawl along the ledge thing and installed the new alarm there.  In the bedroom, I needed the long ladder, which I don't like using at the best of times.  Anyway, it's done now, so all I need is the new alarm and I'll install that in the guest room and I'm set.

My new fondleslab (yay! Black Friday sales!) arrived, so I left that updating and charging and went to work.  I played with it a bit after work, and it sees our network as not connected to the interweb, so I left it for the night.

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