Sunday, November 5, 2017

November 4th

It's started raining, so I'm thinking summer's done with.

I've been corresponding with somebody who's interested in buying one of the old plane engines I have.  I was supposed to meet him at the airport in the afternoon, so I headed over there early to get some safety wiring done on the plane before he showed up.  Well, he didn't show up, so I ended up going home.  He called to say he was having some problems with a pickup he was doing in Folsom, but that he hoped to get over later.  Later came, and he called again to say he was picking up an ultralight, and the truck he'd rented had thrown it's reverse gear, so he'd been spending a lot of time and effort getting that sorted out, so was going home.  Fine, we'll try again tomorrow, maybe.

In the evening, we watched "War for the Planet of the Apes", and it was pretty good.  I'm hoping they'll leave it there, as the trilogy tells the story of Caesar's life, but I'm pretty sure they won't.

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