Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 3rd

I started the day at the airport cooking breakfast for about 10 people.  I have no idea how many people are coming and when, there's no pattern to it at all.

Jack and I spent some time removing the flywheel and damper from his 618, then building it into a box so he could ship it out to be fixed up.  While he was out getting a tool we needed, I changed the speedo cable in the van.  Interestingly the inner in the new one is a good 1/2" longer than the old one, so I'm expecting it to work just fine.  I then decided to look at the non-functioning clock.  It works when I give it 12v, so it's the foil breaking down again.  I've previously hacked it so the dash lights work, but they've stopped working now, too, so I've broken down and ordered the replacement wiring kit for the dash.  Hopefully that'll be here in the week, and I can get it installed quickly.

In the evening we watched Spiderman: Homecoming, which was pretty good.  I think it's interesting that Michael Keaton (Batman) has lived long enough to see himself become the villain (The Vulture) :o)

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