Thursday, March 8, 2018

March 8th

I was supposed to be meeting a guy at the airport to sort out the sale of Jack's gearbox, so he can buy mine.  It's rained on and off overnight, but I got to take the DRZ because the van's dash is sitting on my desk, rather than in the van.  On the way there, I stopped to pick up a new airspeed indicator at Chris', only to find they'd got the wrong one - I wanted the 100mph one (part number something-311), and was presented with an 80mph one ( part number something-331).  While we were talking about things and stuff, the guy called to say he'd lost his wallet, and was going to spend time looking for it, and hopefully come up tomorrow.  Yay.  After talking to the guys for a while, I went home, to find the dash wiring kit still hasn't arrived, but at least it left Sacramento this morning.

I spent some time pressure washing about half of the drive, until I got bored.

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