Sunday, July 28, 2019

July 27th

I went to the airport early, thinking I could do some touch and goes before going to meet Chris and Randy for breakfast in Auburn.  I got in one, then a couple of guys joined the pattern.  I slowed down to let a twin get in front of me, and he then proceeded to do a bomber pattern, meaning I was getting further and further from the airport waiting for him to turn base.  I figured I'd leave the pattern and rejoin, and was on a 45 degree join for downwind when somebody announced they were changing the runway from 15 to 33.  Fine, I'll do an overhead join for 33 then.  Somebody else started bitterly complaining that we should be using 15, so I figured I'd just go and tootle around and head to Auburn via Folsom Lake rather than get caught up in all this nonsense.

After breakfast, we all headed back to Lincoln so we could help Chris sort out his replacement ADSB-in device, then we cleaned and re-oiled his air filter, as it was dry.  He headed out, and I headed home.

In the evening we watched "Hellboy".  It was OK, but it was no "Hellboy".

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