Sunday, December 19, 2021

December 18th

I was on call, so I got to keep the queue at work cleared out.

It was foggy today, so we drove up to Auburn to meet Chris for breakfast.  He was late, but flying back from Tahoe, so we didn't give him too much grief.

After clearing out some stuff at work, I went to the airport to help Shane tinker with the parking brake on his gyro.  After trying for ages to drill a hole in a bracket, I said "it's almost like this is stainless steel."  Shane pointed out that stainless isn't magnetic, and sure enough when we tested it with a magnet, it was stainless.  He's gone to Home Depot on the way home to get some cobalt tipped drills.

I tested my new Lightspeed headset, and it seems to work.  It'll be nice to fly with it when the fog lifts.

Shane has been fiddling with helmets as well, and managed to completely screw up a headset trying to get it apart to install, so this evening I sat and rewired it.  I thought I'd done a pretty good job until I went to put some heat shrink over the joins (that were already heat shrinked) and realised that the heat shrink I'd put over the wires was too small to get over the new bundle because it all had heat shrink on it.  Still, I guess that's what electrical tape is for :o)

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