Friday, June 30, 2023

June 28th

I'd taken the day off to get some stuff done.  I started off dropping the car off for a seatbelt recall (they use an explosive charge to tension the seatbelts in the case of an accident, and apparently that can set fire to the carpet.  Who could possible have seen that coming?)

Randy picked me up and we went to the airport where we went through the process with t'other Randy to get the annual inspection done on his gyroplane.

T'other Randy had been interested in seeing the 3D printer work, so I started printing a headset mount for him when I got home from picking up the car and texted him to come over.  Unfortunately he'd found a fuel leak on the plane he was aiming to test fly tomorrow, so was working on that.  Then I had to go and drop off some parts at the airport for Chris, who'd flown over from Cameron Park to pick them up.

I did get to take a look at a P-47 that had stopped at Lincoln...

Truly, a wonderful thing, getting stuff done.

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