Monday, June 5, 2023

June 4th

I toddled out to the airport and played with some zip ties before flying to Auburn with Randy to meet PJ.

The whole pattern at Lincoln pretty much stopped to let some guy come in on a 6 mile straight in, and when we'd lined up afterwards, somebody else called a 6 mile final (his first call that I heard, anyway.)  The difference being that this wasn't a 172, this was a Learjet, so we made an early crosswind departure :o)

When we got back to Lincoln, we met Shane and did a bunch of work on his gyro to get it ready for its annual inspection.  We're most of the way there.  While Randy and Shane were playing with the rotor head bearings, I changed the tyres on mine - we've found some 8 ply (rather than 6 ply) tyres that will hopefully last a little longer.

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