Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 11th

I started the day doing my daily stuff in Warcraft, and then Vic and I went for a bicycle ride.  We rode ~12 miles, which is the furthest I've been this year.  Must get out more.

When we got back, Fred and I tried to get his new domain set up to use Google Apps.  Sadly the free stuff I use was stopped at the end of last year, but we soldiered on through pretending to set up an application.  The DNS registrar he was using (1and1) doesn't offer anything like the control we'd need to be able to do everything (A, MX, limited CNAME only), but he'd only paid $1 for that domain.  So we registered another domain with GoDaddy, then went through the pointing the domain at Google stuff.  It seemed to work OK, but we're limited to 1 user.  Bah.  I'm going to try and add that domain to my account, but we have to wait a while for everything to be deleted first.

I went out to Lincoln, to fly the plane.  I was at ~550' on my first take off when the little red light came on for the CHT, and then the engine quit, so I turned back and landed.  It restarted OK, but seemed to be running a little lumpy on the way back, which suggests a cold seizure.  The CHT was 230F or so before I started on to the runway (it's something I always check).

On the good news side, the cruise control in the van will hold it at 70mph, but I think I still have a little tweaking to do (it seems to go over the set speed from time to time, and I believe there's a dip switch for that).  I have a few things to fix in it - the light for the gear selector, and the reverse switch aren't working, but I think that's a grounding issue.

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