Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 12th

I cut the grass, then fixed the lights in the van - it was a broken (not blown, just old and broken) fuse.  Doy.  While I was in there, I found a ground wire that was chewed up, so I ended up doing a little tidying while I was in there.  Of course, now it's all buttoned up, I've thought of some more stuff I want to try when I'm _next_ in there.

I spoke to Vince about the plane, and he agrees that it sounds like a cold seizure, but that that shouldn't have happened.  We talked about the Teflon coated pistons, and how Jack's seen a lot of the Teflon scuffed off after ~10 hours on one of his engines, but we won't know until Vince gets into the engine.  He'll order a top gasket set tomorrow and hopefully be unbolting stuff by next weekend.

I went for a ~10 mile cycle ride, and it wore me out as it was ~95F here.  Still, I drank around half my Camelbak's worth of water, so I'm OK to go further if I get fitter.

In the evening we went to dinner with Vince - it's ages since we've done that as he's in hermit mode at the moment.  I think it's because he sold his BMW, but he claims to not be missing it.

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