Monday, May 27, 2013

May 25th

I started the day washing the solar panels.  I've installed a shutoff valve up on the roof, so I can take the nozzle off and use window cleaning chemical stuff, which is easier than using the mop :o)

We cut up the wood that we've got as we pulled it out of the van.

I went for a longish bicycle ride, then went to the airport to take the plane out.  The first climb out, it seemed to get quite hot (437F), but after that it was OK, even of subsequent climb outs.  I only did 3 circuits, as it was bumpy.  Taxiing back the last time, I saw a couple of coyote pups run across the taxiway - one stopped and looked at me  like he had no idea what I was doing.  Maybe they'll keep the rabbits down.

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