Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 22nd

I'd been into our local big box store and looked at the Panasonic TC-P55ST60 plasma TV, and thought it looked OK, but the input source was terrible (DirecTV, with their overcompressed MPEG-4 stream).  We went in to look at it with a thumb drive with at lot less compressed MPEG-2 files, and it looked a lot better.  The guy in there treated this like the most amazing thing he'd ever seen, and I found it amazing that a) they don't do this to make the TV look better and b) I'm the first person who's ever done this.  Anyway, still interested in getting one.  the Sony 4K TV looks good, but won't fit in the space I have for it as the speakers are on the sides.  I have a surround sound system, so why would I?

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