Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 1st

The all-important solar stats:
Power we've paid for

Power we've generated

And the DMARC stats:

After work, we went to dinner with Jim and Kathy.

When we got back, I started converting the YSR back to right hand drive - I've installed the proper side brake, and left to bleed the air out.  I played with the new VSS from GoWesty.  I took out, then tested the old VSS with a magnet (using the cruise in "test" mode), and it didn't flash once.  I plugged in the new VSS, and tested it with a magnet, and it caused the light to flash.  I installed it on the speedo, and went out and tested it - it seemed close, so I need to play with the dip switches to make it work better.  Yay.

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