Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 25th

We started the day watching the frustrating MotoGP race.  I'm a Rossi fan, but the whole incident was a total mess - the few laps before it looked to me like Marquez was deliberately slowing Rossi down after the press conference where Rossi said Marquez was slowing him down.  Eh, what do I know?  I'm pretty sure Rossi's championship is over after the race direction penalty.

I finished off the pilot's operating handbook, and now it's a lot more legible.  I went to the airfield with a plan to centre the rudder pedals (I'd noticed that the pedals aren't level when steering straight).  Getting the nose wheel straight was pretty simple, but then I decided to get the rudder itself centred - it's off a tiny amount.  I undid the cables, but couldn't get them back together no matter how loudly I swore at them, so I went home.  Vic needed to run some errands, so we did that, and stopped at the airfield and got the cables all sorted out.

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