Monday, April 25, 2022

April 25th

I've taken the week off while Henry's here so we can do some flying.  So obviously I started the day at the Chevrolet dealer dropping the Bolt off ("is the check engine light on?" - "it doesn't have an engine") so they can look at the battery - I reckon they'll end up replacing it per the recall.

Randy picked me up when I got home again, and we went to the airport, where he, Shane, Henry and I flew to Oroville for lunch.

We had talked about going via Feather Falls on the way home, but the wind was a bit rowdy, so we shelved that idea.  I've bought a suction mount for the Insta360, so I slapped that on the side of the plane for the flight up, and when everything seemed OK, I screwed the camera to it for the way back.  It's pretty damn stable, and I'm giving Henry the footage to integrate with his footage from his 9 (!) cameras.

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