Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10th

I started the day tinkering with the computer and playing Warcraft while ripping CDs.  5 drawers down now, 3 to go.  I ran the Oculus solo, which is great until the last quest where you're stuck on a dragon, so you need a group.  Oh well...

We went to the airfield, where we did 6 circuits and came down when it started to get busy.  We were pulling the BRS parachute off when Larry showed up.  He helped me get the last carabiner off, then I pulled the Flightstar out of the hangar again so he could go flying in his wobbly with Vince.  We swapping in the new carb boots - the old ones were starting to crack, so this is just in time.

Vic went to a candle / housewarming party in the evening.  We had intended to go to other things later in the evening, but when she got home, neither of us felt up to venturing out again.  I sat and took pictures of my feet with the new camera to see what the different settings do.

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