Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31st

As the 1/8" fuel line for the plane had come in, we went and bought the 1/4" line and went over to the airfield.  The guy seemed to think that 20' was a lot, and even gave me a little extra.  Well, in your face, counter boy, we used pretty much 20', and 18 of the 20 hose clamps (I've only safety wired the 1/8" line).  We were scuppered by not having the drill, so we couldn't do the breather hoses, and by me breaking the old plastic 1/8" tee fitting for the primer lines, but that can be done later - it was too late to fly anyway.

After a shower we headed out to get some dinner - Outback were quoting a 2.5 hour wait (who the hell waits 2.5 hours for dinner?  I'm hungry _now_), so we ended up at the almost empty Fresh Choice, eating healthily.  It's OK, that means 2012 can be spent eating chocolate and donuts.  Right?

Oh, I was pottering around in the garage and noticed that the old window winders from the van were different, and the unbroken one matches the ones that I've put in.  Seems I'm not the first hamfisted idiot to wind up the windows :o)

We went to bed fairly early, as it had been a long day.  Tilly usually goes to bed before 10, so she ended up getting up on the bed when the fireworks at Sun City started.

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