Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 3rd

I started out trying to rake up the leaves from the wind storms we've had this week, but decided to just get the worst of it when the wind started to pick up again.  Stupid weather.

I took Tilly for her annual inspection, where she got several shots.  She was all manner of clingy, but seemed OK.  A crazy old woman in reception was telling me how clever "he" was and how I should show "him", while not really understanding that _she_ was a mutt and was 4 years old, not a puppy :o)

I've started playing with Mint as a possible replacement for Quicken.  I dunno, I'm using Quicken to make sure I don't go overdrawn or something, and Mint just shows you what the banks know about.  Still, it does look like less work than updating a bunch of Quicken stuff by hand.

As the weather's been sucky, I resubbed to Warcraft, only to not really have any defined goals.  Well, I guess I can work on maxing out my toons' trades, and maybe run a few lower level dungeons solo.

I've decided that the house battery in the van is dead, as it was charging for about a day when we went camping last week.  The standard van battery is a group 41, which is getting harder to find, but I've put a higher capacity group 48 in the driving battery.  So, I took the van to pieces so I could get both batteries out, and the 48 will fit in the house battery spot under the driver's seat.  While it was out, I noticed that while it was ~5 years old, it has a pro-rated warranty to 100 months, so I called Sears (where I bought it) and they said I'd get ~$40 off a $170 replacement battery.  I'll look into that a little more tomorrow, I think.

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