Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 17th

So, Cadillac are doing a deal where they'll send you a $100 prepaid card for taking a test drive, and I've been interested in the ELR for a while, so I filled in the form, and yesterday the dealer emailed me back.  At 11:17, I spoke to him, and he said, and I quote: "Come over and a salesman can take you for a test drive".  So, we went and got some brunch, then went over there, arriving at ~12:30.  A sales guy said they didn't have an ELR, and I pointed out that Gary had said they did not 90 minutes beforehand.  We stood around and waited for about 5 minutes, before I lost interest... we were getting into the Jeep when Gary came out and said they had one, but it hadn't been PDI'd, so I could look at it.  I pointed out I can look at it on the web site, and we went to Green Acres, where we bought some stuff for the garden.  I guess Cadillac are hoping to block Tesla sales so they don't have to compete.

In the evening, Gwen came over to drop off 2 broken computers that I'll look at when I get time - they've been broken for months, so there's no rush :o)

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