Friday, March 28, 2014

March 27th

Been having fun trying to sell the VStar.  People are... annoying.  KBB (that well known work of fiction) says $1835 as a trade-in at a dealer, and $2720 for sale at that same dealer. So I thought $2250 sounded fair.

Them: Hey I'm contacting you about your bike on Craigslist. Is it still available? This is the exact bike I'm looking for but I'm real tight on price. I want to spend 6:42 PM
Them: 1900 cash on hand of course. Are you that flexible? 6:42 PM
Me: Sure, we could make that work, as long as it's hassle free :) When would you like to come and see it? 6:46 PM
Them: My brother and I will be sharing this bike so I need to talk to him before I make any commitments. I just had to get the price approved before I went to him. 6:48 PM
Them: Let me talk to him then I'll get back to you. 6:48 PM
Them: My brother want to spend that. Will you take 1550 tonight? 7:09 PM
Me: No, I'm sorry, $1900 would be the lowest 7:09 PM
Them: Doesn't want to spend that* 7:10 PM
Them: We really want this bike so can you do any better? Banks are closed but I can come by first thing tomorrow. 7:13 PM
Me: $1900 is a very good price for this bike based on the KBB values 7:22 PM
Them: I understand if you can't go any lower but we're on a very strict budget. Just let me know but I do have cash ready. 7:23 PM
Me: Wanted $2K from the bike, and was prepared to go to $1900 for no hassle. Look at the other VStars on CL, $1900 is a great price, but best of luck 7:34 PM
Them: It's not that I don't think it's worth it but I just have a budget. 7:37 PM
Me: Also have a budget. You started at $1900, which is a great price. $1550 is too low. Best of luck. 7:48 PM
Them: 15 is low but I just took a shot cause that's what my brother wanted it for. I know that I could convince him to spend 1800 if you could do that? 7:51 PM
Me: No. Wanted $2K. $1900 is low, and I thought that was a "no hassle" sale. 7:58 PM
Them: I understand. I'm up for 1900 and I'm trying to convince him. 8:01 PM
Me: Well, $1900 is as low as we'll go. If you get to that, let me know when you'd like to see it. Good luck. 8:10 PM
Them: Thanks. I'll let you know. 8:11 PM

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