Monday, June 12, 2017

June 11th

I pulled the attic fan out of the garage (as I'm not convinced it's helping any), and Vic helped me install it in the loft of the house, where the one up there had stopped working.

While I had the ladder out, I figured I'd get up on the roof and reset the weather station sender, as it's not been sensing rain recently (yeah, I know, it's June, how do I even know this?).  Last time it did that, a reset fixed it.  Then I figured I might as well clean the solar panels and the dryer vent.

In the afternoon we went to the SPCA volunteer appreciation event.

In the evening we watched "Victor Frankenstein" - it was OK, and I noticed the hat tip to "Young Frankenstein", which is still the mark to beat for Frankenstein movies.

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