Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 24th

I started the day at the airport listening to a talk from Norcal ATC - there were a bunch of things I never realised, for example that their radar is 2D, so they have no idea how high I am (like, so high, man).  I'm going to start listening in, and telling them where I am and how high I'll be so they can vector people over me, rather than around me.

While I was there, I replaced a couple of breather hoses on the plane in the hopes that they've been causing it to run a little lean, and are the cause of the high cylinder head temperatures I've been seeing.

I was on call, so I spent a fair amount of the day just playing Warcraft and responding to tickets about spam from over a week ago.  /sigh.

I had intended to fly in the evening, as it was supposed to be cooling down.  It didn't cool down, so I couldn't face going out to the airport while it was 102F, so I went out and took a look at the air conditioning on the van.  It hasn't been working, and I got some leak stopping goo for it.  The thing is, the pressure on the low pressure side is stupidly high, and the compressor isn't running.  I peered at various things and stuff, but I can't see why.

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