Monday, June 19, 2017

June 18th

I headed to the airport stupid early again, as the forecast was for 108F.  It was again pretty windy aloft, and today there was an inversion at around 1000-1100', so it was much warmer up there than at ground level.  Luckily there were very few planes around this morning, so I didn't have to fight anybody to land on 33, the upwind runway.

Bruce and I tinkered with his iPad and the projector, but everything's working fine now.  Shame we ended up cancelling Wednesday's meeting, as it'll still be well over 100F.

I tinkered around with the plane, and talked to Jack until Mike came back from his camping trip and we could see the PT-22 he's bought.

When I got home I replaced a strap that I've used to mount the catalytic converter on the van - the old one's disappeared, and there's vibration from the catalytic converter hitting the bracket I've put back there to mount it to.  I used 2 hose clamps :o)

I spent the rest of the day playing Warcraft and hiding from the stupid heat out.

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