Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 1st

A new month, so here are the solar stats:

Power billed

Power generated

I started the day at the airfield, where I got the plane out and then it wouldn't run properly.  Ken got back from a flight as I was tinkering with it, and we checked the floats, jets, carbs etc as it seemed to be a fuel problem.  It  didn't seem to get any better, so I decided to come back later with more tools to throw at it.

Don was coming over to give Ken lessons in the gyroplane, and Todd was having a trial lesson, so I asked if I could get a trial too... no problem.  Then Bruce showed up, and he took a trial lesson after Todd got back, then Tony showed up and he took a trial lesson when Bruce got back, and eventually I got out.  We figured I'd sit in the back seat to solve the problems with the pre-rotate and everything, but that meant I couldn't see everything and didn't have as many instruments.  It was shakier than the Flightstar, and I didn't feel comfortable with just a lap belt (I'm used to a 4 point harness), but it was fun.  It seemed we had only just taken off when we went back, 40 minutes later :o)  It's definitely something I'd be interested in, if I could afford a $85,000 plane.

At home, I tinkered around with a leaking toilet, and decided to get all the parts to fix it.  Tomorrow.

In the evening, we went out to get things and stuff, then went over to the airfield with more tools.  I wanted to try new spark plugs at the very least before going home to regroup.  The plane started just fine, and ran just fine all the way up to ~5400 (which was all I could hold it to on the brakes).  Typical.  Vic suggested I try a circuit, and it ran just fine for that.  Typical.

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