Sunday, July 23, 2017

July 23rd

I went over to the airfield to meet Ken, and we got the header tank installed, and wired in the engine.  We found one of the carbs was a little sticky, so we swapped in one of my other carbs (after swapping the jets), finding a crack in the one that came with the engine.  It's been like that for a while, as there's scuffing on the carb slide.  We got everything back together, and then started the plane.  It sort of ran, but one cylinder was running poorly.  We put the plane back in the hangar and went to lunch.  When we got back from lunch, we looked at the plug on the poor running cylinder, and it was wet, so we decided to swap this carb too, and found the choke body missing, so it's been running on full choke the whole time.  With that all sorted out, the engine ran fine.  I found it interesting how quiet it seems to be :o)

Ken left to go and do some stuff at his brother's, and I got the air filter fitted, and did some safety wiring.  I'm hoping to get back during the week and run the engine in, as that's about an hour's work.

In the evening, we watched Game of Thrones - we ended up watching it on the home theatre PC via a web browser, as the Chromecast really didn't want to play.  I've read a whole bunch of complaints about the HBO Now app via Chromecast sucking, so maybe the new router I've ordered won't help anyway :o(

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