Sunday, July 30, 2017

July 29th

We swapped some furniture around in the house, and then I went to the airfield to look at the plane.  We ran it to get the oil injection system primed, then drained all the gas and weighed it for the weight and balance check.  It's slightly forward biased, which I think it probably mostly due to the exhaust system sitting further forward than it was with the old engine.  With fuel, it'll be OK, but I'm thinking I'll try and move the (~8lb) battery behind the seat and see if that makes it closer to perfect, rather than add weight to the tail (we reckon ~2lbs would do it).  It's a shame, as I had been thinking about getting a LiFePO4 battery for the plane when all this was done, to save ~6lbs :o)

When I got home, I took the wheels off the mountain bike, as I'd found a chunk of tread missing on the (pretty bald) rear tyre.  I swapped the front to the back, and installed an old directional front tyre.  I tear up rears, not fronts.  I found that the rear brake is sticking a bit, and I reckon new pads should help there (these are still the pads the bike came with).

In the evening, Jen came over and we barbecued for the first time this year.  Time flies when you're in a coma.

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