Monday, April 29, 2019

April 28th

Chris and I had agreed to meet up at Auburn to fly up to Truckee, so I got to the airport early and got the plane out.  I headed out early, thinking I could take my time making a 25 minute flight in 45 minutes - I was over towards Folsom Lake and about 10 miles from Auburn heading North when I heard Chris call in at 5 miles from Auburn, so I hustled over there and landed a few minutes after him.  It usually takes us a bit of time to get to the restaurant, as people are stopping us and talking about the gyros, but the Trimotor was up there, meaning more people, meaning a longer walk to the restaurant.  We saw Brad on the ramp, and he told use they were at ~300 passengers so far (remember, we set the record 4 years ago at >800), but that's still pretty good.  Chris ended up taking a short flight with his instructor in one of his students' (another Chris) Zenith 750.  We were talking to a couple from Columbia, Kim and Victoria, and decided that while we were waiting for breakfast, I'd take Victoria for a quick flight in the gyro, landing and walking up to the restaurant just in time to sit down for breakfast.  After breakfast, we'd given up on getting to Truckee, and Chris took his instructor up in his gyro, and I took t'other Chris' daughter up in mine.  We borrowed a headset from the flight school, but it screwed up my intercom, so I couldn't hear anything (I could hear people were talking, just not what they were saying).  After a quick flight down the canyon, we headed back and dropped everybody off, at which point we unplugged the borrowed headset and everything was fine.  Chris and I flew back to Lincoln to do a little work on his plane, but he realised that he was running out of time, so he headed home so as to not get a whipping for being late.

In the evening, Jen came over and we watched Game of Thrones.

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