Saturday, April 6, 2019

April 6th

I started the day at the airfield cooking breakfast for 20 or so of my closest friends.  After that I went and did circuits for just under an hour, then showed up at the end of the board meeting just in time to get given a few things to do.  Then I went and helped Randy change the oil in his gyroplane, and went home.

I'm on call, so I did some work and played some Warcraft.

I also managed to take the carb apart on the DRZ (from the bottom while on the bike, so it wasn't as bad as taking it off) and replaced the float valve O ring).  I've found that the new fuel tap leaks in the "on" position (it's vacuum operated), but not the "reserve" position.  Joy.

In the evening we watched "Mortal Engines".

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